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So you arrived at that point in your journey where you decided to ask for help in becoming a parent. This has to be one of the most profound decisions of your life. But the good news is that Nigeria has all that you need. Seriously. Let me explain.

The fact that people are resorting more and more to IVF and assisted parenthood in Nigeria, has to be one of the worst kept secrets ever. You wanted a baby, you had a baby, praise God. End of. No questions asked. But as you know, Nigerians rank as some of the best doctors in the world and some of them are responsible for a steady stream of reverse medical tourism into Nigeria. Trust me. For real. And I mean the legit ones.

The leading IVF clinics in Nigeria have some of the best trained hands and minds in the business and rival any clinics abroad in terms of success rates and professionalism. Did I mention that they are cheaper than most similar clinics abroad?

So in term of expertise and cost just to mention a few factors, you cannot really go wrong with Destination IVF Nigeria. As long as you go to the right places, that is. But that is a matter for a different blog post. Destination IVF Nigeria is open for business and it is thriving.

From the simple intrauterine insemination where a sperm is artificially placed in the womb all the way to embryos conceived with donor sperm and donor egg and carried by a surrogate, you can have it done in Nigeria. So, what is there not to like?

Some of the most common questions I get asked are : Is IVF legal in Nigeria? Is surrogacy legal in Nigeria? Are surrogacy agreements enforceable? How do you source donor sperm and eggs legally in Nigeria? How do you know if the surrogate won't run away? Can my relative be my surrogate? Can I keep my surrogate in my house during the pregnancy?

All of these questions have one thing in common: they relate to the law on IVF in Nigeria. As some of you may know, there are no specific laws on IVF, surrogacy etc in Nigeria. However, IVF is affected by existing laws in many significant ways. I cannot over emphasise the need to make sure that you are well informed and mentally prepared before you start especially if you intend to take your child/children abroad.

AuxilliaParentis is a full service consultancy firm with consultants covering all aspects of Assisted Parenthood and IVF especially for Nigerians in the diaspora. We offer unbiased and professional advice to guide you about all aspects of the process: identifying a goof IVF treatment provider, choosing a surrogate, procuring donor eggs and sperms, managing the surrogate, to ensuring that you are the legal parents of your bundle of joy. We work with only a small number of IVF clinics and surrogacy agencies that meet our exacting standards regarding transparency, professionalism, expertise and pedigree. We also cover adoption from government approved and recognised sources.

This is what you need to do:

* Shoot us an email on

* Give us a bell or hit us on WhatsApp on 0708 003 1965 or +44 775 2345 373


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